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Award-winning International Photographer Jude Fernandes shoots in Goa


Jude Fernandes is one of the best-known fashion photographers in India with a career spanning over 10 years. He is the well-known owner of Starline Productions (Mumbai) which is doing casting for Bollywood and modeling shoots for the past years. Over the years, Jude Fernandes has professionally photographed more than 5000 different shoots all over  India with models from different ...

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Ram Rahim Got 400 Men Castrated, Made Them Join ‘Qurbani Dal’ To Sacrifice Their Lives For Him

The sentence comes after the Godman was convicted and found guilty of raping two of his disciples inside Dera headquarters in Sirsa. Yes, the same disciples who were raped under the pretext of ‘Pitaaji’s maafi‘ amongst many other sadhvis who were asked to devote their tan and man to him. But, after the verdict, if you think justice has been served…well, you won’t feel the same after ...

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Swathi Naidu caught red-handed having sex with producer


  South soft porn and C-grade actress Swathi Naidu was recently caught red-handed having wild sex with a C-grade, sex and horror film producer from Mumbai. According to Mumbai-based actress Revathi Suryanandan, she was in her make-up room doing her make up during a shooting in Hyderabad. “I was busy with my work and suddenly I heard loud noises coming ...

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Gehana Vasisth’s Tamil film Iravaakaalam is ready to rock

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Actress Gehana Vasisth is ready to rock again with her big-budget Tamil film Iravaakalam starring S J Surya as the hero. Surya is a big-time hit director, producer and also a hero down south, say our sources. In this film actress Gehana Vasisth is romancing S J Surya and the story starts with some suspense … and loads of fun. ...

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