‘Baadshaho’ Actor Esha Gupta Gets Trolled for Her Instagram Pics

The sanskari internet trolls are it again. This time, it is Baadshaho actor Esha Gupta that has irked the likes of those who bathe with their clothes on. Presumably shot for some brand or ad campaign, Esha uploaded some aesthetic images of herself unclothed, yet covered up.

A look at the comments on Esha’s Insta page will show you what the Indian mind is so consumed with, because a woman showing off her body must be in want of a man that either wants to masturbate to her or has to slut shame her, says The Quint.


We’ve chosen not to put out the despicable comments here, but you know what, I’m just going to say this:

If even half of these people spend time talking to their kids about a woman’s right over her body, consent and providing them with basic sex education, they will actually be contributing to society in a positive manner instead of leaving disgusting comments over harmless images.

Leave the girl alone.

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