Changing bridal wear trends in India

Bridal wear is the dream outfit or the dream costume for every girl who hopes and prays for her Cinderella moment when she will be the queen of all she surveys. Every girl wants to be a queen and on her wedding day at least, she aspires that she will be a queen for one day when her world will go out of its way to make her feel really special. Bridal wear is also considered very symbolic and is sacrosanct for most families in India and abroad even today.

Till about a few years ago, the heavier the outfit in terms of weight and the more the embroidery and embellishments and heavier the fabric, the more exquisite and expensive the outfit was considered to be. Brides of yore wore outfits weighting almost 25 to 30 kilos and had a train of bridesmaids to help them with their outfit. Brides from royal lineage and princesses wore outfits studded with gems, diamonds and other precious stones with the outfits weighing over 50 kilos. The weight of the outfit was directly proportional to its price and spoke for it wearer. The weight and price of a bridal outfit were topics of discussion for weeks before and after the wedding even in cities and the western world was no exception to the same trend.

Now the trend is changing gradually particularly in the modern city weddings. While the look and feel has to be heavy with artistic embellishments, the trend is moving towards minimalism with more focus on cuts and styles and designs with a focus on silhouettes and traditional insignia which can be repetitive for outfits for other related events with the wedding. The bride of today is looking for an individualistic logo like design which can be replicated over other outfits worn for related events. Says Umair Zafar, the bride should look well-dressed but not over done.

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