Director Maneesh Singh of Vrindaavan Films announces 3 new film projects

Speaking to media persons in Chennai, director Maneesh Singh announced three new film projects titled: Razia – the Return of the Queen, The Tiger of Mysore and Girls in the Army.

Two of these films – Razia – the Return of the Queen and Girls in the Army are Bollywood films, The Tiger of Mysore is a Tamil film.

Singh had earlier announced a film on the life of Pakistani social media sensation Qandeel Baloch, but was denied a visa by the Pakistani Government to shoot in Multan – the native village where Baloch lived. Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brothers in a case of honour killing, after she allegedly shot for a raunchy music video, which went viral in Pakistan. Her death shocked the world and the international media went berserk with the story of a young and energetic life lost due to such barbaric social practices such as honour killing.

The film titled “Ghairat” to be directed by Singh, was completely shelved after hostilities broke out between India and Pakistan following the Uri attack and the Indian armies surgical strikes at terrorist camps in PoK.

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