Director Rameshnath Venkat Rao raped me for a year: Mahima Singh

Gujarat-based model and Bengali and Tamil actress Mahima Singh has done an about turn and accused her live-in-boyfriend director Rameshnath Venkat Rao of rape. The actress in a written complaint has said that the director allegedly agreed to marry her after a few years and based on that promise the actress began living in with him. The couple were in a relationship for some time now.

However, director Maneesh Singh who is a common friend stated that they couple have been having some fights lately and Mahima Singh was misguided by some people with vested interests to file a police complaint against Rameshnath Venkat Rao. “I have spoken to both of them. A meeting has been fixed and we  are trying to sort out the matter. The couple were in a relationship for almost a year now. To call that rape is not correct. There have been serious problems as due to the demonetization drive in November last year, many investors lost their money or have their funds stuck. The same thing has happened with Venkat Rao. He is not able to release two films which have been completed, as the market is not  right. Mahima Singh is upset that the shooting of her film Love and Passion for which she was signed on in the main lead, has got delayed since the last 6 months. She thinks, – though incorrectly that Rao is bluffing and using her physically, which is completely wrong. We hope better sense prevails and the couple is able to reconcile,” said Maneesh Singh.

Mahima Singh who who has been signed on by Hyderabad-based director Rameshnath Venkat Rao for the Tamil film Love & Passion, found herself in a tight spot when very private and intimate images suddenly made their appearance on the internet,

According to Mahima Singh, the images were shot by a mobile phone camera by director and producer Rameshnath Venkat Rao about six months ago during a look test. Since I was also in a relationship with him, I did not mind shooting nude for him as it was also work related and we were in a personal relationship. The images were totally private and I am totally shocked and surprised that they have suddenly come out into the public domain, Mahima Singh told IndiaNewsNet.IN today.

“I have to ask him first before filing any police complaint. He is not in the country as they are shooting a film in Mauritius. Once Rameshnath gets back next week, I will ask him and decide on the action to be taken,” Mahima Singh had said.

Venkat Rao was not available for comment and his phone was switched off.

No police complaint has been filed so far and the actress is consulting her lawyers and family as well as waiting for her now ex-boyfriend director Rameshnath Venkat Rao to return from abroad where he is shooting for a film.

Mahima Singh originally hails from Gujarat and is now based in Mumbai. When the photographs were clicked last year, she was staying in Hyderabad and Chennai with her boyfriend director-producer Venkat Rao and the two were in a live-in relatioship. The duo were supposed to get married, but apparently broke up due to irreconcilable differences, say sources familiar with the film industry party circuit in Hyderabad.

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