Esha Gupta’s bum looks so adorable, reminds me of baby diaper ads, says director Maneesh Singh

The entire country is drooling over Esha Gupta’s nude butt pics.

Like everyone else, when director and producer Maneesh Singh – of The Green Terror film fame – saw the images, which were forwarded to him by a friend, he exclaimed in wonder and surprise:

OMG! Esha Gupta has such a petite, cute little baby butt

Singh has offered Esha Gupta the main lead role in his Hinglish crossover film “My Little Sister” casting for which is currently going on.


“I am inviting Esha Gupta to be part of this project. We will have to discuss the financial aspects, but the role requires a cute, yet steaming hot character like Esha Gupta, who knows how to ooze oomph without looking vulgar. Esha Gupta has posed nude, showing her butt and butt crack clearly, but it does not look vulgar at all. In fact, Esha Gupta’s butt looks so adorable like those baby pamper and diaper ads one sees on TV,” Singh exclaimed.

After having won everyone’s hearts and attention with her debut film Jannat 2, there has been absolutely no looking back for the stunning Esha Gupta.

Esha Gupta was recently part of two successful movies namely Rustom and Commando 2.

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