Fire on the sets of Girls in the Army: AD Ashok Kumar Jha injured

It seems that a minor fire broke out on the sets of the film Girls in the Army, directed by Maneesh Singh 
The project has its own share of unfortunate events occurring one after the other. 
A while ago, the leads of the show, were involved in an accident where the former had to save the latter from drowning in a pit during the shooting  of the promo.
And yesterday, yet another unanticipated happening wreaked chaos on the sets of the show. A fire broke out and in no time it completely destroyed one portion of the set ,which was under construction.
AD to Maneesh Singh – director Ashok Kumar Jha was slightly injured and suffered bruises after falling debris hit him on the forehead and hands as he tried to save electronic equipment like laptops etc.
There was no major damage as only the POP material was damaged in the fire.
The fortunate thing was that there were no casualties as no one was present during the fire which was immediately brought under control.

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