Global Award-Winning Photographer Jude Fernandes launches International Faces for 2018

Faces_KSN Jude Fernandes is one of the best-known fashion photographers in India with a career spanning over 10 years. He is the well-known owner of Starline Productions (Mumbai) and Starline Talent Management which is doing casting for Bollywood and modeling shoots for the past years.

International Award-winning photographer and Casting Director Jude Fernandes of Starline Talent Management is now set to start his search for the bold, glamorous and fresh International Faces for 2018. He has shot more than 3500 models from Indian wear, western wear, bikini, various different concept and garment photo shoots all over India and now looks to shoot the best photo model in different concepts as he believes that every person has a different personality and looks.

Faces 2018 International highlights the personality of the model through is works and get them in lime light where many producers and directors would hire the models for new upcoming projects of print shoots, films, music albums and many other different projects. He is known to select the best models to get the greatest photo shot. This season he shoots in the beautiful locations of Goa and travels all over India for his work projects.


Over the years, Jude Fernandes has professionally photographed and handled more than 5000 different shoots all over India with models from different countries like India, France, Iran, Armenia, Poland, Italy, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, America, Mexico, Persia, Ethiopia, Australia, Moldavia and many more other countries.

He has won many of the top photo awards worldwide, and continues to create self-realized projects and endeavors.

According to Jude Fernandes, Goa is a destination which has beautiful locations and the talents are unlimited, he says that Goa gets people united where talents meet, from different cultures and religion come together as one.

“Here in Goa are many artistes coming from different countries all over the World, like musicians, tattoo artists, dancers, painting artists, DJs and much more,” says Jude.

He is looking forward to working with different talents in Goa and in collaborating with several artistes in creating artistic collections of photography.

He has done many concept shoots as well as Western and Indian garments and looks further to create more amazing concepts as he works with Indian as well as International clients. He states the clients are always looking for more and more fresh faces and new talents for the upcoming season to shoot for products and garments ads and ad films.

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