Has actress Ramya Pranjali Tanna gone under the knife?

Reacting to an article in a local Mumbai paper, which claimed that Bollywood actress Ramya Pranjali Tanna has gone under the knife, and had plastic surgery Ramya’s well-connected PR machinery sprung into action. “Ranya has not undergone any facial surgery or any kind of artificial treatment recently. She hasn’t been under the knife as incorrectly reported. It was just a different kind of look that the actress was trying out, said a release from her publicist.
Elaborating on the issue, Ramya Pranjali Tanna’s official spokesperson, Media Manager and publicist Flynn Remedios said, “Ramya was wearing a natural French-style make up. She had taken some lessons from a phirangi make-up artiste-stylist and wanted to try out the effect on herself. In fact, we told her she looks totally different and the media may not be able to comprehend the difference but she wanted to do something different.
Ramya was also exhausted after a few days of continuous rehearsals besides was facing the strain of a an persistant cold.

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