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Please mention your reason for joining and your contribution (as Artiste or Actor or Model)

Warning: Please follow the procedure properly to ensure guaranteed casting. If you do not follow the procedure, you application will be rejected and you will loose out on the opportunity


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If you are applying as model and actor both categories, you have to also click the button SIGN UP, follow both procedures separately to apply for both

To join as an ARTISTE or ACTOR fill up this form below and then click on SIGN UP:



(First submit the above information which you have filled up in the form above, then after you get successful reply, click SIGN UP below)


After you have filled up the form (or forms) above and completed the above process successfully, email your photos and bio data to

casting.male.actors AT


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Terms and Conditions:

  • For guaranteed casting, you must first fill up the form on this page, and then email your photos and bio data/CV to the email id mentioned above. After doing both the formalities above, click on the SIGN UP NOW button.
  • Basically there are 3 steps – (a) fill up the forms above (b) email your photos and CV (c) click on the sign up button above.
  • When you complete the three steps you will be eligible for guaranteed casting.
  • After you are selected, you will be given appointment letter or casting letter.
  • When you are selected and only after you get the casting letter, you have to pay casting fees to the casting director of Rs 2000.
  • Casting fee is a one-time charge, payable only after you are selected and you get the casting confirmation letter.
  • Please note, our casting directors do not charge any commission or upfront fees.
  • You have to pay fixed casting fees of Rs 2000 after you get casting letter.
  • Casting letter will be sent to you by email and WhatsApp from the same email id from which you have sent your photos. So please check your email regularly.
  • After you receive selection letter or casting letter, you must make the payment for casting director’s fees of Rs 2000 within 2 days or else your casting confirmation will be cancelled.

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