Over 10 Million Pounds of Rat Meat sold as Boneless Chicken Wings in USA and China?

The United States food and drug administration (FDA) is worried because it turns out that a whopping one million pounds of rat meat is being sold on the market, according to unconfirmed and unverified internet sources.

In China the problem is much, much worse where over 8-9 million pounds of rat meat passes off as crispy chicken wings.

The rat meat is sold in the form of boneless chicken wings and it is then served in restaurants on the entire territory of the USA.

There are reports that reveal that FDA agents are very concerned about the situation. This happened after a number of illegal shipping containers arrived from China. They were seized by the law enforcement agencies at the San Francisco port.

They contained rat meat that was supposed to be shipped to different companies. These companies would process it and then sell it as chicken meat.

There is a report that claims that the amount of meat that has been seized is so large, that they don’t know what to do with it, other than destroy it. The people from the FDA warn that there are around one million pounds of rat meat still being sold as chicken in the U.S.

Some small take away food chains and food joints in the US were also scammed when they were offered huge bulk quantities of “chicken wings” at almost 50 per cent discounted rates. Upon testing for quality, after customers complained of illness or food poisoning, it was found that what was being served as chicken wings was nothing but partly or fully unprocessed rat meat.

Please, be careful and don’t buy suspicious chicken meat. Buy chicken from a secure seller or a person that you trust or sealed, branded product packets only. Don’t buy loose meat which may be upto 80 per cent cheaper and may look very tempting.


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