Savita Barbie Gehana Vasisth shakes a leg with SJ Suryah in a city pub for Iravaakaalam

Gehana Vasisth, the girl, who grabbed the attention of the movie buffs, by signing, Savita Barbie (the adaptation of sex comic Savita Bhabhi), is now playing the second lead in SJ Suryah-Ashwin’s Iravaakaalam.

The pretty girl shot for a song recently with SJ Suryah in a city hotel. “I have a dance sequence with SJ Suryah, in a pub of a famous hotel in the city. I will be partying with SJ Suryah, and that’s how the song begins,” says Gehana, adding, “Only because of my character, there is a twist in the story line.”


On working with the SJ Suryah, she says, “He is lovely person to be with. Only after coming here, I came to know how big he is as a director. Despite all the fame, he was so down-to-earth, and treated me more like one of his family members.”

The actress made her debut in Kollywood with Peigal Jaakkirathai. “Currently, I am staying in Mumbai. I will be shooting for another Tamil film in a month’s time. I can’t reveal any details about it now as its too early.” Ask her why there is a delay in releasing Savita Barbie, she says, “The producers of the film are yet to release their first film, Kamasutra 3D. Only after sorting it out, they will start the promotions of their second film, Savita Barbie. I now busy working with Vikram Bhatt for a web series, titled, Twisted.”

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