Soundarya gets divorced, Trilok Mukhi approaches her for Pratapgad

Director and producer Trilok Mukhi said he has approached Rajnikanth’s daughter Soundarya to be part of his international film project “Pratapgad”, but refused to comment on the response.

Speaking to film journalists in Mumbai, Mukhi said a written proposal has been sent to Soundarya, but he is yet to receive any feedback from her. “Maybe she is still busy in her family issues and will respond soon,” Mukhi told media persons.

For a long time now, Tollywood has been abuzz with the news of trouble in Rajnikanth’s daughter Soundarya’s marital paradise.

Now finally comes the news that Soundarya has officially divorced her husband Ashwin. Rajnikanth’s second daughter Aishwarya is married to Dhanush.

The Times of India reports that the couple formally ended their marriage on Tuesday (July 4, 2017) thus bringing to an end court proceedings that went on for seven months. However insiders say, the divorce was mutual and there is no animosity between the former couple though the terms of settlement are not clear yet.

They had been married for nearly seven years and have a four year old son but have been living separately for months now.

Soundarya, who is a filmmaker herself, always identified herself as ‘Soundarya Rajinikanth’ and did not refer to her husband which brought the limelight on her marital status.

While initially they denied there was any problem, they later opened up about the case and even appeared in court together.

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