Safed Musli Powder and Raw Herbal Root


Item : SAFED MUSLI RAW (Dry Sticks As Shown in Image) Common name: Safed Moosli, Shaqaqule, Dholi Musli, Khiruva, Shedheveli, Swetha Musli, Taniravi Thang Part : Root Ailments: SEXUAL WEAKNESS, METABOLIC TONIC, LOSS OF VITALITY, IMPOTENCY , SEXUAL WEAKESS & PREMATURE EJACULATION, RESTORE YOUTH VIGOUR, REJUVINATOR Presentation: RAW Ingredients: CHLOROPHYTUM BORIVILIANUM Description : Pure Safed musli powder Parts used for: Tuberous root and rhizome. It is ...

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Royal Honey For Men – Guaranteed Results: Increases Stamina, Vitality, Vigour, Staying Power

Royal Honey For Him Is an instant source of energy to enhance male vitality. Pure honey fortified with selected mixture of rainforest herbs (Tongkat Ali and Ginseng) Nutritious honey enriched with vital biomolecules including Bee Larva Powder Nowadays, most people suffer from stress lifestyle with over-exertion, many face emotional conflicts. The use of stimulants have well known deleterious side effects. ...

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Royal Honey For Women: Skin Tightening, Vaginal Tightening, Breast Tightening


Directions For Use It is advice to consume 1 sachet every week or as required. It is advice to consume warm milk 90 minutes after consuming this product. Possible generalized vasodilation may be the cause of headache as a side effect (for first time users only). Patients with Blood Pressure, Heart Problems and other vascular conditions may need to take ...

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For 30+ Women: Vaginal Tightening Products – Guaranteed Results in 30-90 days – No Surgery or After Effects, Totally Natural


Virginity Soap (100gm) Status: Available Various Brands (Similar Brands Available) Benefits: • Tightens vaginal muscle • Washes away bacteria • Washes away infections and itching • Clears out normal accumulations • Refreshes skin during menstrual periods • Reduces burning sensation • Reduces unpleasant odor • Keeps natural skin pH balance Directions For Use: Use Virginity Soap to tighten vaginal muscle ...

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