Umair Zafar: “Sheena Chohan is a very good friend”

Bollywood fashion designer Umair Zafar sent us a ‘clarification’ saying that Sheena Chohan is a very good friend and that they are not dating each other. According to Umair Zafar, it is true that Sheena Chohan has worn his clothes at various events and functions. “I am doing a big fashion event in the near future and Sheena Chohan will definitely model for me. We are very good friends and attend the same parties and events together. But that does not mean we are dating each other,” said Umair Zafar.

However, our jasoos tells us that Sheena Chohan was furious when we broke the news of the budding ‘relationship’… oh sorry Umair ‘friendship’. Sheena Chohan called in her publicist to do some immediate damage control. Umair also had some issues on the family front and wanted to clarify things.

Apparently the love birds are now keeping a low profile. We learnt that Umair Zafar has gone out of Mumbai for a fortnight to ‘avoid bumping into Sheena Chohan accidentally at the same parties’.

According to our earlier story a source told us that I AM SHE finalist; model and former Miss Kolkata 2007 Sheena Chohan was dating none other than Mumbai-based fashion designer and stylist Umair Zafar. Sheena was all praise for Umair Zafar and the two looked very happy together at parties and events all over Mumbai.

All we can say Umair and Sheena – Pyar kiya toh darna kya?

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